11/11/13 UIC Prof  Dale Reed talking to Lane Tech Computer Science students about the program at UIC. African American Female Faya Baker. Caucasian Female Elise Rivkin. Young man next to Elise -- Greg Mendez-Weeks.  The boy on the end of the (tall blond?) is Arpad Neale. (red coat blue hat)


Today I will like to tell you guys of my computer class that I took this year.

I actually started out this blog because it was one of the assignments our class had, and it was my first time ever blogging so I had no idea what to write about. But, here I am now at the end of the school year wrapping things up.

Audacity was the second assignment that we did after starting the blog. Audacity is a recording program where you can record things, edit them, and add some musics to them. We had to make up our own stories for the little kids and make a devotional ourselves. My story for the little kids was about these little girls finding roses blooming in their garden. The problem for this class was that when it was time for us to start, the Audacity app wasn’t downloaded in the school computers so, we started a bit later than the schedule. I think it would be really fun if we really show our stories that we made for  the kids to the kids and see their reaction.

Persuasive Presentation. For the persuasive presentation, each of us picked one topic about anything. Our goal was to persuade our own classmates. My topic was “Summer Breaks Should Be Shorter”. I don’t think I chose the right topic for our school environment and I so don’t think many people was persuaded by my presentation. My teacher haven’t put up our grades yet for this assignment so I am really excited to see my score soon. (Not expecting a high grade though). My friends did topic such as “You should have a Pet”, “Milk is unhealthy for You”, “Video Games are Good for you”, “You shouldn’t date in High School”, and many others. I think it’s really important to choose the topic that we might actually persuade our own friends.

Gimp. Gimp was another software we used for the computer class. It is a Photoshop software that you can get for free. We did such as cropping pictures, adding different colours, combining different faces of our friends, making shadows, and all sorts of things. I didn’t know that computer could do that much of stuff and learned that not everything we see is actually real. It was also fun because I never knew I could do those things myself. The last assignment  we had was to make a collage just like the ones that Seniors make for the collage.

Even through technical difficulties, I am thankful that my teacher was patient and was just willing to help our class.


Swatch Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Swatch came up with the most astonishing watches with special designs.

There are variety of choices for you to choose your style. The styles are for all genders and ages.

I especially like Mediterranean Dolce Vita orange one 😉

If you are planning to get a new watch for your children, parents, someone special, and last but not least for yourselves, why not these stunning watches?

Spring Breeze


Gran Turismo


My Pet & Me


Red White & Blue


In the Playroom


Mediterranean Dolce Vita


Surfing the Wave



Starbucks Released a New Drink!

Starbucks had released a new drink called the ‘Flat White’.

Starbucks introduces ‘Flat White’ as,

Expertly steamed whole milk poured over two shots of espresso, topped with micro-foam swirled into beautiful latte art.

This drink was made in Australia in the early 1980s, and was released in US Starbucks recently.

The views of the people were very different. There were people who didn’t enjoy the drink and said that they wouldn’t want to order the drink again, but there were people who would like to drink it everyday.

Hugh Jackman, a famous Australian actor described the Flat White: “A latte with a little less milk and more espresso.”

The Flat White has 119 calories with 44% fat, 34% carbohydrates, and 6.5% proteins per serving.


Why not starting your day with the Flat White?


10 Hit Songs of 2015

These are the top ten Billboard songs from 2015:

1. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

2. Taylor Swift – Blank Space


3. Hozier – Take Me to Church

4. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

5. Sam Smith – I’m not the Only One


6. Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Movin

7. Nick Jonas – Jealous

8. Ariana Grande, The Weekend – Love Me Harder

9. Taylor Swift – Shake it Off

10. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
I haven’t listen to all these songs, but me and my friends enjoy listening to Blank Space, I’m not the Only One, and Shake if Off.

How About A Lighter Snack?

The company KP Snacks, started 2015, introducing new Hula Hoops Puft.

It is similar to the old Hula Hoops, but is lighter and crispier with a new cheese flavor.

Matt Collins, trading controller convenience, commented: “Hula Hoops Puft will bring to life the fun element of the brand, whilst engaging with those in search of a lighter snack. Innovation is incredibly important for our future product development and Hula Hoops Puft is a perfect example of this.”

If you are searching for a new snack to eat, how about trying Hula Hoops Puft?




Hello Guys! Welcome to ‘Harper’s Rose Garden’! 😀

This blog isn’t about rose gardens, but new collections of all kinds of things.

There would be collections of clothes, food, phones, and many other things!

I got my blog’s name from my wonderful friend, Heather, who has a blog at, ‘www.heatherarrows.wordpress.com’ She got the idea from my name, Harper Rose.

It is my first time making a blog, so please understand my lack of skills.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!